Mukimono The italian master. Fruit sculpture.

Mukimono fruit basket table center

Let me show you a mukimono example, this beautiful fruit basket carved from a watermelon into the shape of a pheasant or a peacock. The tempting filling is an assortment of fresh fruit, but you could also try mixing in some watermelon scoops. Fruit skewers have been used to represent the tail feathers.


Mukimono job. Fruit basket with bird form.

This eye-catching basket would be perfect for a summer picnic, as a centrepiece in an exclusive buffet, as a welcome gift to be found only in the best suites of select hotels or as a present to surprise a friend on a special occasion.

  1. esta chido dichoso de que pueda hacer algo muy llamativo es muy llamativo que bonito en serio ojala tuviera ese talento bueno paso a saludar y que tengas buena suerte.

  2. julio inferno dice:

    esta bien chido esta que hicistes bueno lo mismo que tenga suerte y que chido enserio ojala me enseñara a tener la misma cualidad que tu

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