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The italian master. Fruit sculpture.

I really love the work of this Italian artist and his mukimono work. Paolo Pachetti has created a new way to express his feelings and emotions, using fruit as raw material. The figures that come from his gifted hands start as simple and quite basic shapes, and gradually achieve a magical and amazing result.

Paolo Pachetti, fruit sculpture.

Paolo Pachetti, fruit sculpture.

The fruit is shaped into skin, teeth, nails, hair, fabrics and whatever else is required to accomplish the final result. You will surely find a unique ability to interpret and imagine in a creative and expressive way not easy to come across. You will find out Paolo has carried out extensive research on geometry and shapes and is very keen on animals and especially devoted to Walt Disney cartoons.

Mukimono dragon sculpture by Paolo Pachetti.

Mukimono dragon sculpture by Paolo Pachetti.

As a true “master” he enjoys teaching his art and unique technique which allows most people to create simple sculptures with a great visual effect. His Papillon Method has already been released in the United States, China, and of course in Europe, ranging from basic levels which include, for those who do not have any kind of previous experience, the creation of Micro-sculptures (decorations for cocktails), to advanced courses where the student learns the techniques required to create complex sculptures.

Mukimono bat cocktail decoration

Mukimono bat cocktail decoration.

In order to be aware of Paolo’s unique and spectacular art just look at one of his performances, during which, under the watchful eyes of the spectators, oranges, grapefruits, lemons and any other fruit , come to life with expressions that only the high sensitivity of this artist is able to achieve.

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